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Engine block problems


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I am still having problems with our Chevy 216 straight 6 Engine and suspect the block is leaking internally or cracked but cannot see anything. The engine overheated after a drive and it was showing symptoms of a head gasket blown etc. After taking head off the head was indeed blown between No 1 & 2 cylinder and water coming out of manifold ports and exhaust etc. Got head skimmed and checked etc, fitted new gasket.


Also what never helped was temp guage stuck at 70 degrees so not known how much a roasting it took or the driver never noticed until the white smoke of doom was seen.


Well we rebuilt and run engine to find no change so engine out and about to strip everything off block to get tested and skimmed if necessary but before this task, any suggestions welcomed. Either that or does anyone have a 216 block going cheap?








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