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Hello, this might have to go in the stupid forum, we'll see.


Can I wire an MP3 player straight into an amp, then the output from the amp to the speakers, my thinking is that the output from the MP3 player is already decoded into music for the earphones, so to get to play louder I use an amp, would this be right...............any thoughts and suggestions please.

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I wired my ipod into the Clansman amplifier/speakers in my Spartan. I just took some old headphones, cut the plug off and connected the wires to the line in terminals. It works fine, but the sound quality isn't great!


You should be able to do what you want, just try connecting it up and see what happens. :-)



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Yes this is possible, I do it in my landie but just from the mp3 or cd player into some 12v active(powered) speakers as I don't otherwise have an in car unit.


Depending on the amp you are using, you can easily buy or make up a lead to suit, starting with a 3.5mm jack (headphone plug) to what ever your amp will take, Phono, Banana or just bare wires on to screw down terminals.


I can only guess but I presume it is not going into a normal car head unit? if it is, not all have the capability to plug in an external source and would be worth checking before cutting too many things off :-)

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