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carburetor diaphragm construction


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I hope this is of value to someone. I took some buna-N 1/32 fabric reinforce diaphragm material, made a jig of fireboard and made my own diaphragms that work fine so far!:coffee:

Here is the setup unassembled:

As seen in the photo, I have a recess that matches the original parts depth so I can recreate the volume of the diaphragm and it has a center hole to keep the new material in place while working the next step.Here I have the material in place with a drift centering it and a socket the size of those little brass disks that bolt onto the diaphragm. I press the material down while the bolts are loosely tightened so the material slides into place.


Then I clamp it down tight and punch the mounting holes with a drift:

Final trimming I did in place, no fusing with alignment this way. Maybe this has been done but I've not seen it in posts anywhere so I've made this my first post to the site. Comments? And yes, I need practice with posting photos, Not sure how to fix it and I don't want to lose everything!:D











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The diaphragm material I used was from Wriason Seals in Vancouver BC, 1/32 fuelsafe bunaN fabric reinforced. Google will bring up their website. The red blocks I had lying around, but they are made from red electrically rated fiberglass board that a good electrical supplier should be able to get if they don't already have it. Material dimensions I used are 5"Lx4"Wx1/2" thick.

My thoughts were that this material would stay stable over time for possible future use, not to mention I don't have a milling machine! I made the recess with a small pilot hole size of the hole in original diaphragm, adjustable circle cutter, for outside diameter, and then routered out the rest. The top I did with the circle cutter and a spade wood bit.


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