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RLC B Vehicle History - would this include data on the Snatch Landrovers?


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Been looking around the forum to see if I could find out how to get the service history of my Snatch Landrover.


Does anyone know if the RLC B vehicle history records include Snatches? If not does anyone have any tips on where I might find the information? All I have been able to find out so far was that it last served in Iraq (as I believe all those released this year from withams did). I served in Op Telic 9 with H Squadron 1 Royal Tank Regiment and also with 49 Battery, 40 Regiment Royal Artillery. It would appear that they were based together for at least some of the deployment, and was returned to the UK in May 2007.



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If you are a member of the Ex Military LandRover Association ,They have the facility to obtain the service history of vehicles and trailers etc.

Membership costs £20 a year I think and a history search is £5(possibly per vehicle) with no limitation on how many VRN you have, it can take a few weeks as they are sent out in batches.

I have had the history done on 3 of the Snatches I have, quite interesting results


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