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  1. thats very helpful Thankyou it has been bugging me, short of asking a driver and looking silly I would never have known Once again the wealth of knowledge on this forum has come up trumps regards Colin
  2. I was in the belief that was only the 'A' and 'B' red blue rectangles usually on wings i have seen non wading vehicles with the larger blue / red squares which white numbers on
  3. Living in the West Country I often see many Royal marine vehicles of all types. Some have a blue/red square with a white number on. As can be seen on this pic of a defender above the number plate Does it represent a troop, a section ,an area etc etc I have seen many different numbers 6, 9, 14 ,1 etc Is there a definitive specific allocation or what do they represent I have wondered for years Thanks in advance for any response
  4. hi Pete I have never taken one apart, Its just one I grabbed from the shed from a box. I see what you mean the others I have have the tunning rings ?
  5. As a stall holder at this event for a fair few years,the price of the pitch and the fuel costs put paid to my idea of this event being much fun this year.So much so that I gave the TATBARROW up completely. Lugging the "TAT" an extra 50 miles definately doesnt seem a good idea for 2013. I can see that other traders may think about this and the price of goodies may reflect at the additional transport costs in 2013. Will I still attend as an exhibitor, well Im going to have to weigh that one up, driving a V8 snatch isnt cheap at the best of times and the extra distance may be a show too far.
  6. Go on give your chassis a good rubbing . Seriously it would be good to see some Piccies of what you do with yours. And I'm after a series 3 antenna roof mount as used on the 109 piglet and subsequently used on the snatch when in Northern Ireland , if you see one on your travels anybody ?????
  7. A little update to this thread after 18months of owning a snatch. Heres a little video I made of before during and after, a project of a project ...... Something went wrong... just gives you an insight as to restorations on simple vehicles
  8. its been persistant rain here in Somerset,all day today.Making loading vehicles and preping them ready for the trip rubbish. If the ground at Beltring is anything like my garden is at present its going to be difficult to find an area to pitch a tent that doesnt have standing water on. Least of all drive to/across. I hope this bad spell soon passes. Wellies are loaded ! and its not gunna stop me from coming
  9. with the talk of 'trenchfoot' here and there, I will be bringing a quantity of army foot powder .stall A33/34 ! should sell out quickly by the sound of things:-D:-D On a lighter note, the rain wont put a dampner on the show, we have all been wet muddy cold or hot and dusty before ,Its all part of the great atmosphere that makes us attend and return each year. Im there from Sunday all being well. I just hope the GINGER GAMON bar doesnt get flooded ! Looking forward to being there
  10. Hello Simon and welcome, theres a few LandRover military owners around Somerset. dont be afraid ... regards Colin
  11. Heres a couple of newly converted 'R-WMIK+' on the back of a low loader at Bridgwater Truck stop en route to Lympstone at the end of last year, note the numberplates.....'KK' denotes an ex Snatch landrover (32KK76)...The other is a converted Wolf (HJ69AA). Cosmetically the same and about time that surplus vehicles were recycled rather than cast and ££££s spent on new vehicles, me thinks.
  12. 75KC49 is being restored by a member on the EMLRA forum, its not far off number wise to yours !
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