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Diaphragm material, still available??

robin craig


I was reading a manual (vehicle not important) that quotes two material numbers, LV/NEU AC 110288 and LV/NEU AC 110021


Both are petrol (gasoline) related and in a sheet form.


Are they still available or what is the civvy material that would cross reference to these?





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It all depends on the shape of the diaphragm (top hat form or flat gasket style for example), the travel required, pressures involved, and especially these days with unleaded fuels, the type of fuel in contact with it. Also, are we talking immersed in fuel, or simply exposed to fuel vapour? Nitrile based materials are usually suitable, but the Viton type polymers are generally better although a lot more expensive. Pretty much anything can be reverse engineered, but as ever, complexity usually equates to cost..... Sheet diaphragm materials with fabric re-inforcement are readily available, formed diaphragms are more difficult unless it is a stocked part, otherwise you are looking at tooling and minimum batches......

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