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Great War vehicles called back to duty!


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Hello Gents

I thought I would share with you a recent event in the States held on the property of the Great War Association. It is a semi annual reenactment of the Western Front in WW 1.For the first time I brought my 1918 repair truck to join with an original US Army 1917 Harley Davidson with side car. Hope you enjoy their return to duty.





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Nice truck. Where did you find it? How did it survive? Regards



the truck was found in Northern California where it had spent its whole life since being sold as surplus after WW 1. It was used as a farm tractor until the mid 1950s. It was then sold to a neighbor of the farmer for $150.00. He put it away and did less than 100 miles in the 50+ years he owned it. It was a solid body when I got it but had no dash , magneto, bad radiator, exhaust, rear end , canvas, cargo bed bows........But it took only 18 months to get it to what you now see. It has only 8000 miles on it which is I believe original.

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