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Vehicle registration data

Rick W

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I found on the internet a site which seems to identify vehicle number plates for British Military vehicles. http://www.fleetdata.co.uk Has anyone sent off for one of their booklets for their particular registration series. If you have, how useful was it, does it give any details of the original unit or regiment? Or even better has anyone got details of reg numbers for the RA series of numbers, so I dont have to put my hand in my pocket!! :-D

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Fleet Data Society have been around for a couple of decades. The data largely came from Beverley Museum of Army Transport & individuals observations. Gradually the range of serials expanded & the errors have been thinned down.


I have the RA series so tell me the reg no, but you won't get a unit history just the Wheeled Vehicle Contract & date & the numbers of vehicles in the batch. So its basic but a useful start.


I have provided input to them on Humbers & Shorlands & used to subscribe to the site. But you have to remember that the military serials are only a side line. There are spotters out there for reg numbers of Hertz vans, Securicor lorries, bus fleets, tesco vans etc. There was a debate a while back whether to allow the military bit to branch off. That was voted down as the majority are into commercial vehicle fleets.


I finally left when I kept getting endless emails about Cardiff City Councils new fleet of waste compactors. :roll:

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Its listed in the batch 45 RA 00 to 48 RA 49 just as Morris C8 4x4 GS Cargo Truck 1 Ton.


Not a lot of help I'm afraid.


At least you can work out how many others there were in the batch but 47 RA 97 - 48 RA 49 were not taken up in the allocation. Either side of that Morris block were Ford WOT2. I can't see any other C8 GS but there were some C8 FFW & compressor trucks in


50 RA**

54 RA**


Sorry no details of the waste compactors, which must be a bitter blow but never mind.

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