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Mystery trousers


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Hi Oddball.....the side zips usually were a sign of Womens clothing but i dont think thats the case in this instance......


My personal opinion is they are either experimental or "modified" set of trousers.....


The zip is it either TALON...CONMAR.....or SERVAL because that could date them to WW2


Let me know





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Oddball ...morning mate there was no such QM designation as Trousers Winter Combat M1943.....

There was an pair of Winter Combat M1941.Trousers...that accompanied the Type 2 Parsons Jacket (Winter)...Thats an Artic M41 to you and me....... :D but these aint them....

But the M43 uniform set up was supposed to be based on the layering princible so a designated Winter pair of M43 trousers was not correct and never produced.

The tankers used to have Trousers Winter Combat....but these were the "Bib and Brace" coveralls....


If i had to stick my "hunch" on them i would say either Experimental or maybe lightweight Flying Trousers but saying that then they would have an Air Corps Black and Gold spec label in !!!!!


Or maybe something made post WW2 for Korea for the M51 uniform....


Hang on i just had a look at the pic of the spec label again.....and that is concurrent with the size and shape of the Naval Clothing Factory Tag......


They could be U S NAVY ........... :shock:


Certainly is a strange one that mate.....


I gotta get out more..... :roll:





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Thanks for your help Lloyd, I've just had a look at the label under U.V. light to see if that shows anything up but it wasn't much help. There is definitely a large capital "M" in the middle of the bottom edge possibly followed by "3" & maybe N or W in the top right corner. Obviously destined to remain a mystery for the time being at least.

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