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Foundry and iron works


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Can anyone identify the manufacturer of these forgings being spring mounts and chassis mounts on an early Thornycroft J.

The castings are all progressively numbered for the different locations on the chassis, and also carry the initials JAG.

I have also seen the JAG name on a Yorkshire steam wagon on chassis parts, and also on a Garrett steam wagon again on spring and chassis attachments.

The question is as to any linkage between these manufacturers and a foundry who made smaller cast components for other vehicle manufacturers.

On this Thornycroft chassis the tubular raised cross members are unusual.


Thornycroft castings alt eml Feb 2011 011.jpg

Thornycroft castings alt eml Feb 2011 005.jpg

Thornycroft chas castings alt eml 027.jpg

Thornycroft castings alt eml Feb 2011 006.jpg

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This query was also posted on Traction Talk forum as it related also to steam wagons. A reply on that Forum comments,

" Catton's Foundry in Leeds made a large number of steel castings for Garretts and I believe that the JAC mark was used for Catton's products."


Can anyone supply information as to other vehicle makes also using JAC castings. The steam wagons noted with JAC parts were built in the 1920's where as my Thornycroft dates 1912-13, quite a time difference.

I always read the lettering as JAG, however further scratching with a wire brush, it appears to be a C rather than a G.


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I wondered about your JAG - it looked like JAC to me.


Catton's were in Hunslet, I think, and a subsidiary of William Cook. A quick google for Cattons Foundry produces lots of results, so perhaps one might lead to someone who knows more...?

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