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Tiger Restoration Update

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Tiger 131 has been temporarily removed from public display, whilst detailed investigation work is undertaken as part of the continuing restoration project.


The famed German World War Two tank has been towed to the Museum’s workshop and as a result will not be on general public display during the winter months.


However, at 12.00pm each day a guided tour is being led to the workshops for a viewing of the Tiger. The tour will depart from the Museum’s reception area, and as places are limited they will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Sadly, we are unable to offer pre booking for this tour.


£80,000 has been raised to support this major project, with donations from the Heritage Lottery Fund, the MLA Prism fund and from public donations.


See The Video!

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The Tank Museum curator David Willey discussing the work conducted so far in a new YouTube video.

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Hello Eddy,


To quote the Tiger 131 Website:


You see good as it looks the Tiger still lacks a lot of fittings, most of which are very hard to get, but we can try. Top of the list would undoubtedly be a radio, the FuG5 set, and among other items those little pouches for MG34 ammunition- if we can obtain one we could possibly get others made. So, this is a general appeal for all Tiger enthusiasts to keep their eyes open and spot whatever is available.


If people have any of the above items - please don't hesitate to contact us.


I will send you over a message Eddy.




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Elsewhere on hmvf is the entire build on this replica tiger. A fantastic project, it must be the best replica in the world that is running at the moment, the only external problem is the type of commanders coupla which I believe came out after the switch to dark yellow overall colour rather than dark grey. I guess the film company wanted it grey.

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