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Hi John. Where to start? Are you looking for general books on bayonets of the world, or specific? The best gereral I've come accross are, 'Bayonets of the world' Paul Kiesling, Two vol. set, excelent clear line drawings, measurements brief details etc. was added vol. three with new additions and updates. Not sure if still in print, but my, when I last tried to find vol. three, price!!!!:shocked:

I have a few more very gereral if need details. My detail books are a socket bayonet book and German, and first world war Ersatz. These type of books do seem to be very pricy.

On that note I have started a photo.gallery on my fotopic site, will take time to build up as collectors lend me items for pics. See my signature.

Hope of a little guide.


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ive got the illustrated history of bayonets by martin j brayley, but was wondering if there were any other good books on the subject from a collecters point of vew? thanx for any info john



Hi, there are several good books, depending which bayonets you want to collect. kiesling has just been republished and is a very good book, so is Janson's " notebook on Bayonets". If your interested in British bayonets "spirit of the pike" by graham priest is excellent.


I've quite a few others in my library.. ( been collecting for years), just let me know what your looking for.



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