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WO Crossley 20/25 Tender details


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Hi Tom


Yes it is a part of a cracking image of an RFC Crossley that i found in Canada. It featured in my article on RFC Crossleys in a recent Military Machines International. The same article will be appearing in the Crossley Register quite soon as well (with my rather daft mistake). Alan, did you put Crossley on to the article as they contacted me a couple of weeks ago?


Tom were you interested in the Crossley or the lamp?


All the best



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Hi, Tim!


Thanks for responding. I am primarily interested in the Crossley 20/25. It is difficult to find good high resolution period images.


I am working on projects of both the Crossley 20/25 Staff Car and Tender and am constantly on the lookout for new material. Both Charawacky and John Walberton have been extremely helpful in the past with supplying me with many great images and pertinent information.


When I saw your image I was intrigued by it. It is possibly one of the clearest I have seen to date.


Do you know what issue of Military Machines International? I'll try to track it down as well.





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