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1942 Ford Script Jeep


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Hi all,

Here's a few pics of my Dad's restoration on our '42 Ford Jeep. It took him 18 months to restore from a rolling chassis to road worthy condition.

However, prior to purchursing the jeep we were informed that the engine had been "reconditioned" which we soon found out wasn't the case. When he went out to fire it up the engine was locked up on the mains, after stripping the engine down it turned out that the main bearings were put in upside down, 3 of the pistons were fitted round the wrong way, 3 of the con rods were also round the wrong way and there was no end float!!

Moral of the story, don't believe everything that people tell you!




Jeep restoration 9.jpg

Jeep restoration 8.jpg

Jeep restoration.jpg

Jeep restoration 11.jpg

Jeep restoration 6.jpg

Jeep restoration 4.jpg

Jeep restoration 12.jpg

Jeep restoration 10.jpg

Jeep restoration 3.jpg

Jeep restoration 2.jpg

Jeep restoration 5.jpg

Jeep restoration 7.jpg

Jeep restoration 1.jpg

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