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Tankfest 2011 - 25th and 26th June 2011.


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TANKFEST has become one of the established must-see annual military history shows, bringing the story of tanks, tank crews and soldiers to life. With an unrivalled selection of modern and historic moving armour displays, living history, family entertainment and explosive mock battle demonstrations, TANKFEST has become popular with both the enthusiast and the more casual visitor.


The emphasis for this years show is Evolution – the evolution of tactics, equipment, technology and the enemy threat. With the future of the Main Battle Tank a near constant topic of debate in defence circles, we pay particular attention to the developments and innovations, both past and present, that have helped maintain the relevance of the armoured fighting vehicle as an essential part of an army’s capability.


With this in mind, live vehicle displays, with expert commentary, will illustrate how the debate on the future of the tank is not a new one – and investigate the future of a machine whose demise has so often been predicted.


Just to let everyone know about Tankfest 2011, more details here.

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Is it possible to book a vehicle/Living History Display in this year? A great show well worth the visit to Dorset for this one!




The guys at AFRA are organising the LH/MV section, I believe.........


Tankfest Update


Evening All, First of all many thanks guys for registration forms that have been recieved, the support for this event is appreciated. For those wanting to attend but have not appiled yet please drop us a line titled "Tankfest Registration" to tankfest@afra.org.uk. The sooner that we get these forms completed and returned to us the quicker we can start planning the Living History Field.....Thanks again.

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