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25 pounder ammunition tray and No.27 trailer questions

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Does anyone can post the close up photos for the 25 pdr ammunition tray ? I want to see the walkaround detail inside and outside detail. (with dimension would be the best).


Is there any different on the tray between 17 pdr and 25 pdr ammo trays that came with the No 27 trailer ? If so, any photo for the 17 pdr ammo rounds tray ?


Thanks in advance



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Dear All,


Sorry for my late respond as my computer incurred some minor error during these few days.


Yes, I found 2 pictures only evidence for No.27 limber with 17 pdr gun together.(see attached)


Hi Rick,

The early 25 pdr ammo tray is exactly what I wanted. Thanks a lot !

It will be great if you can take measurement for me later.




17 pdr with No.27 Limber 01.jpg

Crusader Tractor towing 17 pdr & limber.jpg

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