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GMC 352


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Hi Barry.


Glad you have joined the ranks of GMC owner but we are still pretty much out numbered by the Jeep crowd :evil:


With regards to manuals have a look here http://www.grouchopublishing.co.uk/ I placed an order way back and was told that they would be back in stock in two weeks but that was 7 weeks ago :twisted:


I had a look at going over to gas just to see the costings but it was just to expensive for me as I would have to cover some miles just to get my return, it just wasn't viable but with the way petrol is going up, perhaps this is the only way to go to make sure our vehicles can stay on the road.


Best wishes.

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Hi Barry, I have just finished researching the same. Some many years ago I converted my Range Rover to LPG, and was quite impressed. I have just made some costings for the 352, and a complete kit is in the region of £550 with electronic control. This can be reduced to around £480 without the electronics, but its a less efficient system.


A standard tank of about 100 ltrs is included. Remember though that the tank can only be "charged" to 80% capacity, i.e. 80 ltrs usable. At 39p - 43p per litre you can do your own costings, and see how long it will take you to make a return.


Remember as well that ltr for ltr gas gives about 20% less milage, as it hold less energy than petrol.


There are a number of conversion suppliers but I have settled on :




a visit to their site will give you all the info you require.


If youre interested in going ahead keep in touch maybe we can do a deal on a combined purchase.


Karoshi 352

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They are the same guys that I spoke to but when I told that it was WW2 truck, the phone went quite :twisted:


This is a good price and would open a lot of doors for me as it wouldn't restrict me in the shows that I would like to attend.


Dare I say it, but perhaps a 'group buy' may well be called for?

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Hi Jack,


Rob at Groucho isn't the fastest to ship but when you do get the manuals I think you'll be impressed,I was.I think he waits for enough orders for a specific manual before getting a run printed.



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Just wondering if you guys had thought about water injection as a cheaper alternative to gas?


The main aim of it is to allow engines to develop more power (spitfires used it) but another plus is that it can make an engine more economical by providing a more efficient combustion, which is why your car seems to go better on a misty day.


Short article here -



Many years ago I had a very simple set up on a MGB which consisted of no more than a plastic bottle, a plastic pipe & a nylon injector which went into a vacuum pipe. It just relied on engine vacuum to draw the water through the injector & atomise it. Things seem to be a bit more techinal now with pumps & such, but for a couple of hundred quid it may be a more viable alternative. It is WW11 technology, so is more in keeping with the vehicle. 8)

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Hey Oddball, ............... WOOF, WOOF!


I messed around with water injection some years ago. Although it showed promise I couldn't really get it reliable. But it was a home brewed kit and well you know.....needed more research, and fettling! That was in the days of high octane fuel and 12:1 compression ratio's. Retro on a low compression slow revving Stovebolt I can't see you'll get ANY gain. Just my 2p.


I've seen the latest reviews, and have to say I'm not fully convinced that for a couple of hundred quid its the way to go, BUT if it can be used in conjunction with an LPG fit up well............ maybe.


I'm personally committed to the gas thing, as I can't see carbon fuels being made more price attractive. At today’s prices I figure I'll break even in three seasons, for the mileage I intend to do. If I keep the Jimmy in commission all year round and do some extra miles it will of course show a benefit sooner.


As the kit can be mounted and de-mounted with little permanent damage to the 352 I have no problem with installing it. I figure I'll see my money back either in running costs or at resale time.


On the 352 and 353 all the major components can be fitted out of sight and the external appearance remains unchanged.


The good news is that I WILL be able to offer HMVF members a deal on a complete kit, if purchased as a bulk order.


Please note: I'm purely setting this up and WILL NOT profit from the arrangement. If anybody else is interested in a complete kit, please speak up.


Oddball you going the Water route?



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Oddball you going the Water route?Karoshi


Can't say as I've thought about until I read your thread, when it seemed to float to the top of the murky swamp that is my brain. I'm going to give it some serious thought now though as the old jeep does pink a bit when I unleash the awesome power of all those horses :lol:

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I think, and any long standing MVT members will, no doubt, put me right, there was an article in Windscreen, regarding gas conversion, on GMC's.

If anyone has a copy, any chance of posting it, as its something I'd need to look at doing, when I (eventually) go the GMC route. (yes, another one !! :lol: )



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I'm already negotiating with Tinly so I try to get some costings on a group purchase of say 3.


Anyone else?




Hi mate.


Did you get any further with this................I am in the market for one now 8)





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