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Rad Haz Kit for Land Rover


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It is radio frequency shielding to protect the crew from receiving RF radiation from the aerials fixed to the vehicle. It consists of thin but dense foam covered with aluminium foil which in turn is bonded to the chassis at strategic points. It is covered is green plastic & supported inside the roof by a combination of bolt fixings, straps & Velcro.


3-piece set fitted to TUM(HS) & a 2-piece set for TUL(HS) the market is flooded with them likely costs vary from £20-£80. Some dealers sell them as part of a "winterisation kit". The kit does help keep it warmer & reduces the hardtop condensation problems, deadens sound a bit & generally makes it seem a lot more cozy! I have just fitted one, surprisingly only made 3 years ago, why there are so many around for a vehicle still in service I don't know.

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is it too simplistic to suggest that they were a good idea but dont work?




Robin, given that my adhesive Velcro strip in the kit has lost its stickiness, I wonder if the kits have a short shelf live because of this? Ah you might say surely once fitted the Velcro would keep falling off, but the strip also has to be riveted on. So the initial stickiness is merely to assist with the installation, thereafter it doesn't matter, but without the stickiness it is much more of a fiddle to install.


If that is the case it seems odd that replacement Velcro strip could not be a demandable item rather than ditching the whole kit, but with defence stores that often seems to be the way things are done.

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If the tack has gone then there are 2 options of allowing you a tacky solution to spray apply, position and then final fix mechanically.


Spray Mount is a low tack adhesive that holds items but they can be carefully pulled back and re-set.


Contact Adhesive is a more permanent solution and has a higher grip/ bond and may be more robust should you need it held in-situ before fixing.


Alternatively the following may assist in tracking down appropriate manufacturers/ suppliers.





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Wayne fortunately the hard top I've got once had a RADHAZ kit fitted. So the riveted Velcro is still there. This leaves me will a roll of the fluff surface stuff that I've not needed, left over from the kit I have just fitted. This is the stuff that has lost its stickiness, this was for another purpose I had in mind but does not involve a hard surface.

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Hi, I bought a Radhaz kit last year and am just getting around to fitting it in my 1988 TUM GS Soft Top. I have the bag with the fitting hardware but I am not certain where the "tophat" spacers and pop rivets are used. The kit comes without fitting instructions, which I suspect are contained in an Army handbook or supplement. Does anyone know where I can find the fitting instructions for the radhaz kit?

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