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Sussex Armourey


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I remember this company VERY well! I used to deal with them when i came home on leave. They were pioneering in the field of marketing replica weapons in the seventies.

They went bust, & arose again as the Pheonix Armoury. That too went under some years later.I knew some of the family well but lost touch when I left Eastbourne. I belive the founder Richard Marriot-Smith is well retired now. And the last I heard a few years back, he played at small time trading by buying pocket watches at Boot fairs!

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Not too sure if there is any connection with 'Battle Orders' whom I believe are still in Eastbourne.

In the alternative, Drop Zone at Bury (Sussex) may be able to help.



No connection at all. The ORIGNAL owner of Battle orders has closed the firm & moved to the Phillipines following years of Pointless & continious 'Hassle' from Sussex Police Etc. (They dont like anything connected with guns!) The impact on the Bussiness & the Pathetic VCR Act had a very bad impact on the firms trading. The Title of the firm 'Battle Orders' is still trading, albiet at another location on an Industrial estate now. BUT, It is an installed manager minding it & the main range of products are the DENIX Range from Spain. Not a patch on the quality of the original Replica Models!

Drop zone market DEACTS, Land Rovers & the Odd Mil Vehicle. And also a large range of Militaria.

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