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ww1 truck restoration


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Seems to be a mixed message - is he restoring or selling?


And if it's pictures he's after, he only needs to pick up Military Machine International from a few months ago (April 2010) with Tim's (Great War Truck) article in it.

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MMI edition
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So, for those who dont know what we are talking about this is the lorry chassis in question:




When the building in the background was being demolished this is what was found. A superb Locomobile truck chassis. However, the problem is that is all it is. There is no engine, gearbox, diff, steering box or any of the important parts. if the owner plans to undertake a full restoration then i wish him every success but the chances of finding original parts in this country is practically zero. France or the USA slightly better chances, but not greatly so. he may wish to put a modern drive train in it which can be done, but is going to be an awful lot of work.


Value of old chassis like this is about £100, slightly more if you scrap it. If you do intend to scrap it let me know as the wheels might be of interest to someone else who has one to restore and the greasers could be useful to.


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but finding WW1 truck chassis is not too hard. Finding a really nice one like this Locomobile is a little harder. Finding the drive train is next to impossible - but can be done with a great deal of hard work and lots of luck.

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