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Greetings from snowy Sweden.


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as it say in title, greetings from northern Sweden.


I am a blacksmith/welder/machinist with some skill with radios (mainly pre 1970's tube era types) and as a result basics of other parts of the field of electronics.


sadly know little about military vehicles but I am here to learn and to help wherever I can.


I hope you can forgive me for mangling the English language.



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Tjenare Örjan,


Välkommen hit. [Translation:Welcome :-)]


Radio equipment and how they work is a sadly neglected subject. There are a few guys, and very dedicated, that I know personally here in Sweden. But I for one pass over radio stuff while going thru surplus stuff, as I don't have a clue how to work them.


My ex. Norwegian army 1945 Dodge WC51 was equipped with two antenna bases, and had obviously been a radio vehicle. One bases on the drivers side, a MP48, and a extended one on the right hand side, just behind the passenger. I still have both antenna bases, actually.


Göran N


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sadly I have no ex service military radios to speak of, an old WW1 era receiver and the mangled chassis of a Paraset (tube sockets most resistors and the AF choke are gone), is about all.


mainly I repair/renovate domestic radios from tube era, mostly same circuitry and variants are same for most all types, be it receiver end of a modern TV or a military comm-transceiver.

like with engines, guns... there are few basics that remain no matter what size, type, era and so on, the rest are refinements attempts to rectify actual or imaginary problems in a particular design or attempts to bypass patents...

As I said we see it in most any area and as with engines... a schematic and basic data is an huge to get it working as it should, but most likely not needed to get it running if nothing major is broken.

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