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Corgi bikes in military service

Skint George

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Hi Guys.

I need to know if Brockhouse Corgi's were used in military service either by the Brits or the U.S.

As they were built after WW2 and succeeded the Welbike, did the Corgi or the U.S version (Indian Papoose) serve in the Korean war or any other war?

I've only came across one site that states they were used by maintanence sections on Air bases.

Does anyone have any futher evidence, photo's etc.



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The only evidence of a Corgi in military service is a picture of one on an Aircraft Carrier being ridden by a PO. I also think that a couple were included in the Royal Signals MC display team. They may have been a private purchase. The Papoose (Corgi) were a post WWII derivitave of the war time Welbike. Designed by the same person. Welbikes used the Villiers 98cc engine and the Corgi used an excelsior spryte Engine. Therefor no Papoose could have been used in WWII. John.

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Just received this paper that states Corgi's were purchased by the armed forces.

This may confirm what Blackpowder44 (John) wrote.

Contract number 6/veh./6503.

Does anyone know about these contract numbers and have more info?

See attached,



P.S. Thanks to Foxy from Yorkshire MVT for the info!

Corgi info.jpg

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I can answer my own question now and confirm what Blackpowder44 (John) said.

Yes, Corgi's were used by the Royal Signals Motorbike Display Team (The White Helmets) and were used by the Royal Marines motorbike display team too.

They kept their civvy colours.

This is confirmed by photographic evidence in the book "From Welbike to Corgi" by Peter Miller, an excellent book!

Peter also confirms in the book and by recent e-mail to me that 10 were purchased by the Royal Navy for Aircraft Carrier and/or Naval dockyard use and that they would have been painted gray.

There is also a photo of Corgi's being used by RAF and U.S Air Force personnel during a joint exercise in the 1950's.

Peter has told me that they might have been supplied for evaluation only and may not have been bought.

These would have kept their civvy colours also.

The photo in my attachment showing a Corgi in the Canadian War Museum is wrong. The Curator/Archivist Colin Stevens confirmed to me that he took the photo but the museum should have added a note to the display that the Corgi was representing a Welbike.

So, if you want to have your bike representing the army you should keep it in civvy colours.

If representing the Royal Navy you can paint it gray.

Or, seeing that it's your bike, paint it any bloody colour you want!

Update 31/01/11

Below is a message from Geoff Fletcher of the Military Vehicle Trust.

"I checked my post-1949 records and that contract did not pop up. However my records do not include Royal Navy vehicles so if they were purchased by the Admiralty I cannot help. I have checked the contract cards for Brockhouse held at the Tank Museum for other reasons recently and the card for this contract was not there."

Thanks again Geoff at the MVT.

Does anyone have Admiralty contracts sources?

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