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Police Hummer H1


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I know its not military but is american and is used by the military so thought I would share some pics of one of my favourite Toys . Its believed to be 1 of 2 US police interceptors made. I bought it direct from the Texas Police dept . And collected it myself and drove it down to Florida . Had a Blast as the only thing they removed was the police radio . Lights PA, Sirens Gun Racks Ammo lockers all left in .





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Good to see you are posting pictures now, we all want to see what is in your toy shed.


I can't tell from the exterior if that is a diesel 6.2 or turbo 6.5 or petrol engined machine, if i was to guess I would say 6.5 turbo diesel?


Good to chat the other day on the phone as well!



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No really thrilled by this.


Another excellent use of taxpayers money by local government. There are dozens of more adequate vehicles. I'm sure you've already learned that the inside is cramped the drivers view is very limited (sides, rear).


I am not impressed by LEO trying to imitate the Military. If they want to drive HMMVWs join the Army or Marines.


Enjoy your toy... but I would rather a Halftrack for the price.

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