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Silly vid....


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And the problem with this is, what exactly?.....................:nut:


This is perfectly 'Normal' behaviour from Service Personel. Anyone who has served will endorse this, or similar antics in Service. This is only a SMALL Proprotion of some of the many funtimes that were, & STILL do go on during Military Service. Boredom plays a big part, & also, when you have seen some of the Horrors that go on in an Active Combat enviroment.

Something amusing does go down well in defusing the stress that accumulates. :cool2:


A lot of this 'Behaviour' will not be understood by many Civillians unfortuantely.

And may well be put down to 'Irrisponsible, loutish & Childish tendancies' But, when you sign up & put you own life on the line for your country & Nation. I think you are perfectly entitled to let off steam & have a Bloody good laugh!!....:D


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Here's one I ve had in my youtube favorites for while , It has pretty good production values , there are a few adult words so if your easily offended dont watch past the first section, the f word is in the out takes section .

the A team in Iraq


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