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federal 94x43


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hello guys

we just bought a federal 94x43 closed cab,it was at 6km from our house in the back of a farm

it's in bad condition but may be we can do something with it.

man who scrap old vehicles was looking to buy it and wanted to cut,we offer little more money and the owner prefered it was saved

we will collect it next week,and made some photos of the rescue

does anyone have pictures of this model?? inside cab,rear etc..

it's powered with diesel engine but we have hercules RXC for it

missing fifth wheel and spare wheels supports and lot of work

doors are very bad and rear panel of the cab also

chassis is ok,axles and front of the cab not to bad

we can see US marking

thanks for help to find pictures

best regards


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i will send pictures as soon as possible

the old guy who have it is moving it in the farm

at this moment federal was in the back of a field in the farm with chicken and ducks

he will tow it with his tractor and call me when it will be on hard ground near the farm gate

i hope news this week



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hello guys

federal is here we collected this afternoon and go directly to scrap man to remove the back of the truck

it's was heavy near than 4 tons.

now suspension go up 15cm

price for scrap metal is hight so good thing for us,federal costed very low price near than 400 euros

we have an original RXC engine to put on it in place of diesel that is inside at this moment

big work will be on the cab who is very very destroy but i am happy to have it

this model is rare and it was only 6 km from house





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