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  1. Would love to get hold of the Matador body in some of the pics
  2. Would be interested in these for our Pioneer restoration, they for sale/where are you? cheers Tim
  3. Edd Exactly what we thought it did seem cheap, especially as it was up and running! Lucky guy
  4. Does anyone know who secured the R100 that has been on Milweb, great looking vehicle!
  5. Nick/Steve How is the R100 progressing, and updates?? Tim
  6. Edd Not sure what year it is, but will find out. Best
  7. Heres an SV2S that my brother photographed some while ago, not sure of its fate but suspect it wasnt a nice one
  8. Heres another R100 we have known of for years, in safe hands but unfortunatly not going anywhere soon
  9. Does anyone know where this R100 (VVS 417)went, we saw it at GDSF years ago and were led to believe it was local to us in Somerset?
  10. Wrecker Dont suppose you have any pictures? Cheers
  11. Edd My brother will be delivering an air filter to the chapter with the TRMU next week, apologies I don't recall his name Stay in touch, we are doing a ground up on an SV2S so plenty of duplication of requirements to save $ Cheers
  12. Edd I can put you in touch with a guy from somerset with a very original R100, we did the same for another chap on here. The body on his is original so measurements and pictures might prove useful Regards
  13. I can help out with an air filter too if needed, we have one of the pressed steel (later?) type surplus Regards
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