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Howdy from Kennewick, WA USA


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Howdy from the Pacific North West.

My name is Tony and up until now I have been a Vietnam era 6x6 enthusiast.

But a couple weeks ago a purchased a 1945 WWII project DUKW.

I hope to get her dis-assembled and have a plan made to start her resurrection as this winter's project.

Now I am off to read all the DUKW and some CCKW related posts to see what the folks on your site have offered up.


A quick question for DUKW owners, on the rub rails along the side of the sided of the hull there are some DUKWs with rectangular holes in the rails, are these to be filled with something, maybe lights? Or are they drain holes, I have seen DUKWs with and with out these holes.





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Hi Tony,


Welcome to the forum with the most info! For a minute there when you said 6x6, I thought you are referring to Saracen, Saladin, Stolly!!!:cool2::cool2::cool2:


May you thoroughly enjoy your project!! And we want pics, pics, pics, pics!!

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The holes are drains, I have read of other who sealed their rails top and bottom and left a vent at one end then installed a zerk at the other and filled the interior of the rail with grease and then plugged both ends, not sure which is better . Only way to keep your ducky as rust free as possible is not to float it at least not in salt water.

Mind you these are only things I ve heard or read.

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