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cvrw - full flow cartridge filter?

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Hi Hi

Looking at a recent post I think I put the wrong type of oil in the Fox - I bought 15w/50 multivis from morrisons but it states this is best for full flow oil cartridges - however I would assume the fox has a partial flow filter? is this correct?


Mark B

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I cant link the other thread where yhis was discussed but basically the gist was that if you have a partial flow filter you dont want oil that holds all the crud in suspension as it can block oil ways and means the lumps get into bearings etc - for partial flow you want a low detergent oil that dumps the lumps etc in the sump


Therefore I know that the oil I should use is OMD110/75 but in discussion with ex mod guy ay morrisons theres no equivalent of this - omd is a military grade so with information plus previous thread where the merits of the different grades of oil were discussed if i have a partial flow filter i am better off with a low detergent oil like 20w/50 golden film oil from morrisons rather than 15/50 multi vis which they state requires a full flow filter


Im no expert but i hope that exlains it

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You are definately using the correct oil type. the designation OMD means "oil mineral detergent". the oil filter on the CVRW is a full flow filter. I have been using Morrisons multivis in my Foden and it seems to be a very good oil.

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