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WW 1 Tank in motion

abn deuce

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It's part of the great plan to attack foreign lands. However being in NZ its some distance from foreign lands, and this model does not swim.

Not to be out done, it is transportable and in time great numbers of these will invade foreign shores along with scores of similar dated aircraft, guns and troops.

The transport method is by air, with delivery enlarging the size to increase the fear factor. This can only be viewed by those seated in specially darkened buildings, after payment of a fee.


Its a film prop, based on the mechanicals of a Caterpillar crawler. Part of the Peter Jackson ( Lord of the Rings) film empire in readiness for a new film.



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This one "Spring Chicken" is the first of i believe three to be built. Peter Jackson has been rumoured to have been building up to a WW1 movie for more than a few years now




P.S. His next "Good" movie should be the Dambusters remake

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Hey doug,

This film has been in the wings for over a decade, when is Mr. Jackson going to stop fooling around with those fantasy films and do a good one:) I am looking forward to seeing his production.



I agree, however the computer modeled films appear to be the income earners and bring the Oscars awards ( Avatar) Much of the Avatar was made in Wellington.

Talking to those involved in producing some of these large props they have been at it now for many years.

It would appear funding problems could delay things more so, as filming the Hobbit seems to be on hold.



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