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  1. Thanks Tim, I inquired about the one in California, but it was not available, and my financial adviser (that would be Maggie, my wife) told me that I had better finish a few other projects before starting on a new one. I manage to get my emotions in control and then I see photos of your project, it really looks great. Best Gus
  2. I hate this forum, everytime I get myself in control, some one posts photos of something I really want to have, that is a nice looking FWD.
  3. Hi David, I am afraid this will be disappointing, but here are a few photos, it is only the frame and axles.
  4. Here are some photos to give an idea of the condition of the tires. Best Gsu I am unsure if Goodyear will still stand behind the guarantee to carry 4000 pounds, but the time you mount all the tires on the truck I think you will probably be over weight anyway:)
  5. Hey Mike, I will get some photos posted later today, shipping to New Zealand would be pricey as the weigh about three metric tons each (I am not sure how much that is but it sounds like a lot) Best Gus
  6. Good information from Richard, the 4WD B has tires that measure 31 inches on the inside of the tire rim, but the 40x6 measure just under 34 inches, were these used on the Liberty trucks? Best gus
  7. Good point on the 4WD size, I will have to check, they are 40 inch outer diameter as that was how tires were measured at that time, I have a B chassis that still has the tires on it, and I will have to measure to make sure the steel rims that the rubber is bonded to is the same.
  8. I have acquired a pair of new Goodyear 40x6 solid rubber tires, I was looking at a restoration of a 4WD model B chassis that has one tire missing, but there is so much else missing that I think that I might do better to save my energy for another project. If that is the case, these might be looking for a new home. Best Gus ps they are located in the north west USA
  9. It is great to see this project being continued after Jack's passing, it would have been a shame to have his work lost. Best Gus
  10. Leanne, He will be missed around the world, I wish you and your family, especially your Mum, the best. Gus
  11. Jack will be missed, and that reminds us that we need to do the things we have been putting off, as none of us will get out of this alive.
  12. When I first took the T ambulance to a museum open house, my wife asked if I was going to wash it first. I told her "no, that way people do not have to ask 'does it run?' because they can see that it has been driven". a lot of jeep restorations are not realistic, when the paint is so well done that you can not see the ripples in the edges of the fenders from the forming process, you know that filler has been used to make a smooth finish. Among Model T people there is the same problem, many purists will critic a car that has some modern improvement that does not show, but let a high gloss pa
  13. The $99 Lucas tires are for the newer Ts with the 21 inch wheels for the balloon tires. I have had a great deal of experiance with asian made tires on irrigation equipment, we had on pivot that was installed in the 1970s that still had a few original tires. When we had a tire failure, it was seldom one of the older tires, but one of the tires replaced in the past 5 years. The sidewalls break down quickly and cracks will also develop in the tread area. Best gus
  14. Hey Jack, Most bulk .303 ammo is Pakistani, and is of dubious quality, but then we are not firing over the heads of our mates, and an occasional jam is not something that is life of death. It is true that it is a puzzle as to why the US military was so slow to embrace advancements (some could argue that the aeroplane was an American invention as well, and no American aircraft were used in the war either). I think the biggest reason was because the military was controlled by elderly soldiers that wanted to keep war a game rather than admit it was serious. I do not think we are getting
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