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Can you convert Larkspur to clansman

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I have a Clansman intercom in the BARV along with the radio and on all the photos I have upto the end of service they show a comand headset and hand mike being used. I have one off a Larkspur set and want to know if I can convert it to be used in a clansman set or is there a clansman comand mike set I can get.



02 ZR 77 (13).jpg

02 ZR 77 (98).jpg

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You can go the other way for sure. CVR(T) was designed for Clansman, but in the austere days of the early 70s, we were told we could have one or the other, not both. We got Scorpions with a hybrid harness that gave a degree of Clansman function from Larkspur ancillaries and also allowed us to plug Clansman bonedomes into Larkspur breastplates.


It's been so-o-o-o long and my memory was then overwritten by the Clansman harness that came along with Clansman about 1979 that I cannot remember details, except that ISTR the commander's radio box was the RSB2 (Radio Systems Box 2-set).


I also STR that the Larkspur Scorpion commander's mouthpiece was unique in the choice of options selectable from the thumb switch underneath the mike.


But it was a long long time ago.

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