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Which one should I buy?

robin craig

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Ok, so you know, I took my motorbike licence in the Army, it was the venerable Canams in those days.


I have always had quite a chuckle out of the Rotax powered Harley Davidsons (hardly dangerous as they are known here) and have lusted for one of those or a Armstrong.


Can anyone enlighten me as to any kind of comparison of rideability, serviceability, parts availability and enjoyment that would enable me to chose between the three and buy something that is more than 15 years old for entry to Canada?


Im plotting and scheming to get one. . .



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Oddly enough think I'd prefer the Bombardier for all round charm and appeal, mine was nice and quiet, had a respectable turn of speed for an old 250, front brake made of lettuce though and drank petrol like no tomorrow if you rode it enthusiastically. HD350 has a disc brake so a bit of a bonus. I've not had any parts issues while they were on the road so can't comment there. MT500 feels like it will go on for ever but it's a lump of a bike and isn't enjoyable offroad but makes a good plodder on road. If I had a choice though for a military motorbike, I'd go for a Honda XR250 type as long as it isn't a wreck. It's lighter, easier for spares almost anywhere, more fun IMHO. I don't have one yet. Got some KTM's though, they might last a while but make you want to ride like a looney, unlike the MT500.

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