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!942 MB Jeep starting problems. Need some help bouncing ides about this problem.


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Got the jeep out ready to take for its MOT. Put in new points, condenser, plugs and rotor arm. Took it up the road and had a problem with a dried out washer on top of the filter letting in air, replaced and set off for the MOT.

After about 6 miles the engine just cut out, not fuel as the engine stopped instantly, the vehicle coasted in gear to the side of the road and I got out to investigate.

Spark at the plugs but wouldn't run so took it home to work on it.

Opened the timing cover under the starter and set it on IGN. Checked the distributor and the rotor arm was out. The rotor arm was pointing at cylinder 3.

Looking at this and G503 forum the concensus of various messages was that the timing chain had slipped/jumped and thrown the timing out.

I took the front off and radiator out and put the jeep into gear to enable the large centre nut on the crank to be undone- this where it begins to get weird. The crank turns even though it is in first low with the brakes on. The rotor turns and the flywheel turns.

However when I push the jeep while it is in gear it does not turn the engine over it seems locked and yet it had no problem rolling when it coasted to a stop earlier in the day.


Any ideas please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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No I don't think so as the flywheel is turning and the camshaft appears to be turning too. I wondered if the clutch plate could have shattered and the centre with the splines be loose on the shaft??

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Well the engine is out - the camshaft and crankshaft are lined up OK but the flywheel is 90 degrees out (ie the IGN line is 90 degrees out) and the distributor is 180 degrees out - the clutchplate is ok and in one piece - the imput shaft turns in neutral and doesn't when in gear !! Does not make sense HELP

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have you checked the oil pump? as this will have bearing on the position of the dist. arm and of course not forgetting the fly wheel requires 2 rotations for each cycle

There is athread here about this here on the forum... try a search to find it.



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I'm not that familiar with the MB. However, is it possible that you have a broken distributor shaft? I had a vehicle several years ago that had a broken distributor shaft. The engine obviously would not run, but when the engine was rotated, the distributor still turned as the two halves of the distributor shaft would 'catch' on each other. Like your situation, the timing was off. I pulled the distributor after several days of desperation, and found the problem. I had a difficult job pulling the lower half of the shaft.


Good luck!

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