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Mutt 151A1.Just keepin da peace

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Some pictures of my mutt restoration that me and my brohter did som time ago.

It original came from Denmark ,uncut but rusty...

It been sitting in our garage for about 15 years before i became interested and bought it.

Mutt 151A1




mobilfoto 029.jpg

panel 2.JPG


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As usual when i buy a project,it allways the most crapy,rusted hopeless cases.

The sides are gone,batterifloor is no more,undercarrige had holes everywhere,salt water isnt to great....

There were beach sand everywhere!

Aleast it was cheap:-)



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About 6 months in too the resturation the unthinkable happened,the was a fire!!:embarrassed:

We are about 50 enthusiast sharing the space here,and on the otherside of the firedoors is the ususal parkingspace withs was set on fire.


Altou the flames didnt enter our space, the smoke did!!!!!!

Everything was black and smelt like ****.

I didnt take any pitures ,it was too depressing to even look at live!

About a 150 cars was destroyed,burned up...

My space was the next too the firedoors so we where hit hardest..

I had to trow away allmost everything exept my tools and mutt parts ,but everthing ells was scrap..

Life sucks sometimes:cry:

The renovation of the garage took about 6mounth,fortunately we didnt have to do anything.

Just sit and wait!

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After having fun in the sommer,for a few years we got a bit tired of it.

My brohter have some own projects,and i bought me a TP21 also called sugga,whits means for those who dont know female pig!Because it looks like one from behind.

So we desided to sell (just keepin da peace) mutt to someone that will appreciate it more

Sad but true.

The lasted i heard is that is doing ok ,and the new owner is doing some offroading with it...

Do we miss it,H...ya

willys 159.jpg

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