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Lynwood RP6200 computer

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I have in my collection this Lynwood RP6200 (Resolute2) computer unit.

Made in the U.K. 5998 99 877 1490.

Can anyone tell me when this unit was first used. It does work and we hope to sort the 'insides' out to add life to a command/sig. display at events. The key pad folds up to the screen and is in a transit case for transport. Thanks for any info.


2010-05-14 Lynwood RP6200 (2).jpg

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Never used nor come across one (although Lynwood terminals were used extensively in BT from the 1980s).


Googling "Lynwood RP6200" does comme up with this URL:-




...which says (on page 22) "Lynwood's products include the RP6200, a rugged, portable PC based on standard COTS technologies and designed for desktop use or rackmounting. The unit is ruggedized and its specification allows flexibility in configuration to meet specific project requirements. The RP6200 is also designed to meet the intermediate TEMPEST standard. The unit can be configured with the latest Intel Pentium processor, removable disk drives and a highly readable LCD color display. The unit is in active use with armed forces in Australia, Europe and the United Kingdom. The RP6120 is a fully sealed, non-air breathing variant of the RP6200, designed to operate in the harshest of environments. It has all the features of the RP6200, in addition to which it will operate in driving rain, excessive humidity, salt fog and heavy dust environments. The unit is designed for use in desert, tropical and jungle environments."


This appears to have been written in 1995, and from the descripton of the technology I would say it was fairly new then.



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I went to a Light Dragoons Regimental Association weekend a year or two back and made a bee-line for the Command Troop display so that I could sit in the back of a Sultan again after a quarter of a century. The only thing internally that I recognised for certain to be unchanged was the water tank under the commander's cupola. I was quite surprised.


But I have spent the last quarter century in the computer industry, so why was I surprised to find a pair of pretty-much bog-standard laptops bolted to the operators' table? Did I not think the computer age had reached the army? The operator started to look worried when I opened Control Panel ...

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