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Came across this site the other night while searching for info on the German Bergepanther. I haven't been able to tear myself away since! Some beautiful work being done! So far I've only had the chance to get through the beautiful Dennis build, amazing stuff. I have just returned to armour building, I just do it in a smaller scale and one that I can afford. My modeling interests revolve around the CEV's, Recovery vehicles and transporters.


If you all don't mind I'll just sit back and be a spectator , watching you preserve history one bolt at a time.


The Pathfinder magizine looks like a great wealth of information and I will subscribe shortly.


Thanks Gents and keep up the great work!

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Thanks for the welcome Ladies and Gents!:blush:


Such a great site with many talented folks!



Welcome on board


Good to know I'm not the only nutcase with an unhealthy affection for recovery vehicles and (tank) transporters :clap:




No your not Michel, I enjoy the things that go boom also but the recovery vehicles and transporters are my fav's.


Welcome to the forum Daniel :-)


(PS there are quite a few ladies on the forum too ;))


Please forgive my oversite! I'll go sit in the corner......:blush::blush:

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