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After The Battle Postcards

robin craig

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I have slowly been purchasing an interesting series of postcards by the above company. They cover the "modern" British Army from the '70s and possibly later.


I dont know if anyone has more than I do, but here is a list with notes about the subjects. All the photos are MOD copyright so I feel uncomfortable in scanning them


P123 CVR(W) 09 FD 46 fitted with swim screen and shiny deep bronze green, yellow bridge decal, unit decal on night sight, "104" on first aid box.


P114 AFV 432 07 EA 83 pictured at BATUS Canada fitted with radio mast front left corner and track gurads at front, in BATUS cam scheme. Iconic picture that I have seen used in other publications.


P126 WOMBAT recoiless gun, shown dismounted and ready to fire, very sure this is at BATUS again


P128 BV202 22 FG 95 in black and green cam scheme on a snow covered road.


P115 CVR(T) SCORPION 04 FD 27 bears "3/61" on front left corner, white triangle on turret, no track guard fitted


P122 RAPIER launcher ready to fire, wheels off launcher, missiles with two yellow bands


P118 LAND ROVER ambulance, judging by door hinges and bumper likely a Series 2A, BATUS cam scheme, black rectangle on right door, iconic picture used elsewhere.


P125 BEDFORD MK cargo no bows or canvas loaded with gerry cans refueling CVR(T) SCIMITAR 06 FD 10 looks to be somewhere in UK


P124 FH 70 (they have a typo and call it an FH 670) gun firing with impressive 3 directions of smoke from the muzzle. Taken on a sand beach somehwere that looks warm. Iconic picture used elsewhere.


P127 LANCE missile launcher with missile, left rear 3/4 picture rear ramp lowered, cab raised, missile angled


P113 CHIEFTAN C/S T14 in BATUS cam scheme.


I know of two more postcards that I have yet to acquire of the series which are a CVR(T) SAMSON and a LIGHTWEIGHT LAND ROVER




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P115 CVR(T) SCORPION 04 FD 27 bears "3/61" on front left corner, white triangle on turret, no track guard fitted


This vehicle, 04 FD 27 and the tac sign 3/61 cropped up in a thread on this forum just a week or two back. I am sure there will be people interested in this pic.


Wrt track guards. I think they may have come fitted post-Op Scorpole (refit, refurbish and bring up to latest spec by applying all outstanding mods), but if they were, I am quite sure we must have removed them and put them away until needed for inspection. They were fibre-glass (or a meringue?) and withstood no contact at all with the West German flora while out reconnoitring.


They may have aided the flow of water over the tracks when swimming but with no rivers in West Germany suitable for Scorpions to swim in (and since the detritus coming out of the guns during firing did the float screens no favours anyway - this was why there was a cover over the front half of the float screen while in the normal down position - and again the risk of damage by the flora whilst navigating through woods) the float screens served no useful purpose and were themselves removed some time about 1980.

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