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Howdy all


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No military service, but a time served Jaguar mechanic back in the 70's and an interest in all things vehicle. Only two MV's a 110 HSV + Sankey and a recently purchased SUMB diesel, a few other non MV's the more rare and interesting ones being a '52 Alis Chalmers tractor a '36 Norton Inter and a 79 Panther Lima turbo.


Some truly brilliant articles on this forum and I'm very envious of some of your superb vehicles.


Home is Limousine France these days but travel with work constantly (Skipper) currently in Antigua. No hate mail please I know it's still cold and raining in the UK my brother lets me know at least once a week...


All the best,


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Welcome Marmon to the Friendlist forum on the webs. While you will have people envious of your good fortune .... there should never be any Hate mail ever that's not our way . true someone may park a rather large and heavy vehicle on top of your unattended car but that's not hate mail . :-D:angel:

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Hi Marmon,


Welcome to the forum, old chap!


Speaking of Jags, I have an old complete XJ6 that I will be breaking shortly, are any engine related spares useful for MV's? The motor was stripped many moons ago and NOT by me. I only want the radiator, front and rear suspension as well as the instrumentation (Cobra related!), the rest is free (I want no costs either, I need the space)

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