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Hungerford Pillboxes

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There is also one at Wotton Rivers. Was on the land where I worked once. alongside a 15th Century priory that has been in Ideal Homes. Where the bridge goes over the lock on the south sid eof the canal to the east there is another small bridge. The pillbox is along side it.

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Looks like these have been blocked off with wire mesh. We used to have hours of fun playing in these as kids. The cows on the common used to shelter in them quite frequently too.

There are quite a few just in that area but I suppose you have a river, canal, railway and main trunk road (A4) all next to one another so quite an important network to cover.

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If you look at a map of England from Reading if memory serves along the Kennet and Avon canal, the one covered by these fortifications to Bristol. It virtually cuts the country into two picies.

The rail link runs parralel and the A4 withina couple of miles. A4 is sometinmes called the Great West Road.

Particullaly round Hungerford and the Crofton pumpimg station , where there is a major stop point, and along to Marlbourough the secenry is very hilly and spectacular, particularlly good for stopping tanks! Avebury the villiage in the stone circle, lots of prehistoric sites. Worth a tour along the road if you want a day out.

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