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Spitfire Pictures.


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Have seen the thread about the quarter scale version of AR213, a fine piece of work.

There seems to be a lack of Spitfires, and I think it should be rectified.

So here are a few.

Lets start with AR213 (MK 1) Wycombe Air Park (Booker) circa 1981

and again at Shoreham in 2008.


Then I have one of my favourite shot of PL344 (Mk 9) taken at Shoreham in 2009



changed because my computer had a mind of its own, but was probably the operator.

after all spend ten minutes trying to start the Landy on tank 2 (empty)




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A few from me


Mk.IX MH434



Mk.Vc AB910



Mk.IX PL344



PR.XIX PS835 & Mk.IX PL344



Mk.Vb BM597









Mk.Tr9 H98



Yes, I'm a bit of a Spitaholic (and Hurricanes, Mustangs etc etc...anything with a big piston engine on the front!)

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Although technically a Seafire is cheating, altough many would not know the difference


Seafire XV11 SX336


and for the the fans of Hurricanes and other single piston engined planes in formation with Sea Hurricane 1B Z7015 and AD-4NA Skyraider (don't get much larger than that)






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and AD-4NA Skyraider (don't get much larger than that)




Not a fighter I know (but neither was the Dive bomber/ torpedo bomber Skyraider) but I would have thought the Antanov An-2 Colt (Single engined piston powered) was quite a bit larger than the Skyraider



And in terms of large propellors rather than large propellor powered aircraft, the Vought F4U Corsair swings a pretty big one.


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Anotonov AN2 is regarded as the largest single engined biplane in the world. Seeing the AN2 Club's version start up and taxi out at its base at Popham is a great site. This year they are planning to do some air displays with it - not the usual arrival and open it up for people to look around but an actual display routine!

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I agree the Antonov is a bit bigger, could explain the need for spare wings and have seen pictures of some in military colours. I forgot about this one, but can anybody think of anything else.

But maybe not as usefull.

AN2 payload 2140 Kg

Skyraider 3600 Kg

Took these from Wikipedia so they are probably wrong.




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Junkers Ju 52 predecessor of the Tri motor Ju52/3M


Had I believe the same span as the tri-motor Span 29.25m

Length 18.9m


Flew with Single Rolls Royce Buzzard, BMW or Junkers liquid cooled angine.


Ju52 Replica

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Theres a picture of a single engined replica on Wikipedia its in Winnipeg.

Looks like I need to go there again and stay more than a few hours.

Mind you it did involve a 4.5 hour flight in a HS748





So the Rolls Royce Buzzard was a Canadian modification if you visit the museums website probably along with the floats.



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Grumman TBF Avenger

Length 12.48m

Wingspan 61.51m OOPS it should be 16.51m


OK I surrender there are actually quite a few larger than the Skyraider



PS need a smilie waving a white flag.

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Bad typing leading to stretched wings
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I know I have surrendered but here is another


Douglas TB2D Skypirate/Devasator II


Length 14.02m

Wingspan 21.34m - bit longer if the wings were straighter

And with contra rotating props

Only built 2 in 1945

obviously got cancelled at end of the war





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Just out of interest do you have the Top Trumps Single Engined Propellor Aircraft edition?

If not I think we are well on the way to inventing it.




The book I have has 30 odd pages missing, I have just discovered so there will be a few large singles, not listed.


Suprisingly Fairey Fulmar/ Albermarle/ Albacore , Scottish Aviation Pioneer, Illyusin Il-2 and Il-10 Sturmovic are all smaller. I am giving it e rest now, but something else will pop into my head I am sure.

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