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B60 Spark Plugs

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Hi Guys


I can see that Champion RSN12Y plugs are commonly used as a replacements for the B60 original RSN13P's.


(in Ignition Matters of course :-D )


But would Champion RSN8 also make a suitable replacement?





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With Champion plugs the digits refer to the heat range, the higher the number - the hotter:


1-25 Automotive & high performance

26-50 Aircraft

51-75 Racing

76-99 Special & Racing


So RSN12Y has a higher heat range than RSN8


No suffix indicates a normal arrangement for the gap. Suffixes J, Y, R, G & P indicate variations. Y gap extends in a little further & has better anti-fouling properties as it gets hotter (also indicated by 12 rather than 8)


Broadly speaking RSN8 was fitted to Series 2A FFR Rovers & RSN12Y to Series 3.


If you have a choice use RSN12Y over RSN8 as the tip protrudes more it will run hotter & foul less. Although I'm on electronic ignition & whatever plug type I've tried fouling is no longer an issue. Having said that I'm pretty sure I have seen the odd RSN8 fitted on Pigs fresh from NI.

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