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Bloody straps...



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Looks to me like the lashings for securing the spare wheel on a LR Series 3 bonnet. If so, they should form a 'Y', with a hook on the end of the long leg which fits over a flattened hoop towards the front of the bonnet, while the ends of the shorter legs are secured by similar loops at the windscreen end of the bonnet. The mechanism is an 'over-centre' tensioner, with which to take up the slack.


In practice, we would stuff hessian, exhaust extensions, and other sundry stuff under the strap as well, although leaving the security of a rather hefty wheel/tyre combo to a UV light-degraded bit of plastic was probably a little optimistic.

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I find they're easy when you 'just do it' and the second you think about what you're doing it gets ten times harder! :banghead:


If they're the same as mine, the basic idea is just that you pull the majority of the strap through the slot, then crank the handle down to pull it taut. It's a simpler variant of normal ratchet straps - with those you wind the slack around the central roller and it'll keep rotating as you ratchet (and it gets tighter and tighter). These ones have a fixed amount of 'extra' tension you can apply so it's harder to bend your fittings by accident.



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