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Special Types Vehicle Problems - A Possible Solution?

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Let's try again :-)


Some large MVs do not fit any description of vehicle types used in the Special Types and other Regulations governing road use and exemptions.


Here is a section of the Regulations which could offer the owners of such mvs the opportunity to secure a fixed term (5 years) exemption for certain vehicles or types of vehicle.


Must be worth checking out before you scrap / sell that cherished vehicle? :-)




I have copied the entire content here (I believe that is pemitted Mods?) -


Vehicle Special Orders under Section 44 of the Road Traffic Act 1988


On 1 April 2009 VCA became responsible for the issue and maintenance of individual Vehicle Special Orders under Section 44 of the Road Traffic Act 1988. This was formerly the responsibility of TTS Division in the Department for Transport.

Section 44 orders may be either...


(1) Vehicle types contained within The Road Vehicles (Authorisation of Special Types) (General) Order 2003 (Statutory Instrument 2003 No. 1998) (STGO);

This can be viewed on-line at:


(2) Individual Vehicle Special Orders (VSO) produced for applicants by VCA.

Please note that no individual order is required for vehicles meeting and operating under the permissive requirements of the Special Types General Order (1) above, as the conditions to be met are set-out in the Statutory Instrument and any subsequent amendments.


When will an Individual VSO be issued?


Individual VSOs (2) are not issued simply because a vehicle cannot comply with C&U Regulations. An order is only issued when:

a) suitable information has been provided by the applicant that sets out the processes that will be in place to ensure that appropriate safety issues and requirements are met; and

b) When and if the reasons for non-compliance with C&U regulations are justified and supported.

The applicant must provide full details as requested to enable VCA to make a valued decision. Individual VSO are required to allow the use on roads of a small number of vehicles, which are special by type or purpose. Most orders are made to allow vehicles outside the scope of the general order types (1). These vehicles may for example be for tests and trials, abnormal load movements or "one off" specials.

How to apply


Please apply to us in writing at the address shown below with the following initial information.

a. Name and address of person / organisation making the application;

b. Details of persons / organisations who will be using the vehicles, if different from (a);

c. The number of vehicles involved;

d. Type of vehicles involved, their make, model, registration and/or chassis (serial) numbers of motor vehicles or trailers. These will be listed on any order issued;

e. Details of the vehicles e.g. number of axles, individual axle weights, and gross vehicle weights (both in kg), plus dimensions (in metres);

f. In the case of vehicle combinations, overall weights (in kg) and dimensions (in metres);

g. Details of the C&U Regulations with which the vehicles do not comply and the reasons why they cannot comply: The Regulations are specified on an Order and it should be made clear that failure to comply with non-specified Regulations, or supplying incorrect data would invalidate an Order.

On receipt of your application


VCA will evaluate your application and contact you should further information be required. Various organisations including the Police, Local Authorities and other interested parties - both within and outside of the Department of Transport may be consulted - especially in respect of the conditions to be imposed. Following receipt of all information, and assuming that there are neither any technical reasons, nor objections from any of the parties consulted, an Order will be prepared and issued within 10 working days.

Once an Order has been issued


Orders are issued for varying periods of time and the discretion of the Department for Transport. Typically, they are issued for a period of up to 5 years.

Please note that the Secretary of State may revoke an Order.


Address for applications:


Vehicle Special Orders

VCA Midlands Centre

Watling Street,



CV10 0UA.

Telephone: 02476 642797


Fax: 02476 329276



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