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WW1 60 Pounder Shrapnell Shells

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Thought these may be of interest, my two 60 Pounder shrapnell shells






Shrapnel Shell Mk 1, very clumsy looking




The rarer Shrapnel Shell Mk 2, much more streamlined




Close up of fuse




Fuse taken apart




Friction tube, inserted into a vent in the breech mechanism after it had been closed, and used to fire the gun


I'll get around to doing a proper photo walkaround of the IWM 60 pounder one day....

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Great War truck

So what do the yellow crosses mean?


Possibly indicates use in hot climates. Normally the indicator for explosive content mix for hot climates was red XXX on buff yellow but the red marks would be indistinct on black bodied shrapnel shell.



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No idea on the yellow crosses i'm afraid - the band around the Mk 1 indicate that it's filled. Unfortunately the only 60 pdr in the UK I know of is, as mentioned, the IWM example, if only someone would repatriate one of the US examples, from personal accounts they made a very distinctive sound when fired, like a huge whip cracking the air

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Oh, and I agree about the weight - got them at Stoneleigh, and had the Mk 1 in my backpack whilst carrying the Mk 2 - the walk from the show to the car seemed a lot longer on the way back than the way in! They're currently both sat with my 18 pounder shell, which looks absolutely tiny and puny in comparison. The 18 pounder shell is also a shrapnel shell - the Mk 1 60 pounder design appears to basically be an upscaled version (or the 18 pounder a downsized version)

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