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Museum theft.


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Dear Neil and Clive,

I am very sorry to inform you that on Friday night some one broke into the museum at Littlecote House and stole the folding stock carbine rifle from the collection. It was a very professional job and the thieve/s made sure they took all the parts of the cabinet they dismantled away with them along with the rifle, bayonet and magazine. Unfortunately it transpires that the security at the hotel is appalling and we even found that the door from the outside to the chapel is not locked at night and although the chapel has a lock on it, amazingly it can only be opened from the outside!

Anyway, it is most likely that the rifle has not been stolen for resale as the thieves do not have the deac cert but will either be taken out of the country to the US or Europe or more likely, will be going into someone's private collection in this country.

As you have a very extensive network with your 101st connections would you please do us the favour of putting the word around that the rifle has been stolen just in case anyone hears something. Your help in this matter would be much appreciated.

The rifle details are as follows;

M1A1 folding stock carbine rifle

Inland Div G.M.

Serial no. 707711


In the meantime, we will be closing the museum and putting the exhibits into storage until a more suitable and secure venue can be found. Unfortunately the manager at Littlecote has less than absolutely no interest in the museum or the history of Littlecote in general and could care less. He doesn't even have CCTV in any part of the main house - only in the new part of the hotel!

Many thanks and with kind regards,



Sam McCallum


The Kennet Valley at War Trust

Tel: 01635 253534

Fax: 01635 255456

Mob: 07748 115513

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