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Pig wiper arms and blades



Hi all


Happy New Year


Stupid question what windscreen wiper arms and blades are fitted to the pig


something like theses





or like this





And how do you keep the back door upper part lifted is it just a stright bit of metal bolted onto the loop on the passenger side




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Jamie I don't have a Mk2 any more, but does this help? Actually there should be another blade to the left of that one, half covering the block & half on the armour. The arms should be linked with an adjustable rod.


I think you'll find that the canmec link arm if not entirely correct will be very close. Officially what you need for each visor is:


6/MT3/2540-99-811-7313 Blade (2)

6/MT3/2540-99-823-4995 Arm assembly (2)

9/BOE/2540-99-821-9256 Rod (1)


6/MT3 is general to 'B' & 'C' vehicles lights, wipers etc

9/BOE is exclusively Humber


I did have at least one pair, but not sure if I still have it, I'll check.




ISTR there should be a metal strip with a long slit cut in it, with several notches cut that engages a dowel in the arm attached to the flap. Can you post a picture? Then I can see what you are missing, I may have the piece.


It is generally believed that from production of the Mk2 (Sep 1972 - June 1973) that these hefty vision blocks were fitted. That is not so, the original windscreens were used & the visors were flanged steel plates with slits for the periscopes. The new vision blocks, wipers & hydraulics were introduced in April 1975 & required 30 man-hours to upgrade one Pig.

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