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I rang DVLA and asked them what the requirements were for having an MOT exempt vehicle. They sent me a wad of booklets & forms etc which are fairly easy to understand .

If you have a vehicle MOTd once then it has to be done everyyear there after, whereas if it has never been MOTd then don't start unless you want trouble further down the line..

I just get a form from the post office & hand it over when I get the tax, i'll look to see what it is for tomorrow.

There are silly things like as long as it is before 1960 & you are not going to tow a trailer etc & the size & weight.

Ring DVLa & they are really helpful.



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Thanks for that Berni :D

It's not something that I have to worry about at the moment as I just have the jeep, I'm just interested to know the nuts & bolts of the matter. I like to dream that one day it may be something I have to think about. WC52 here I come..............

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I have found it strange that I can own a 5 ton GMC and not to have any one from the Ministry to look over it. Think about it, you have a 60 year + vehicle and no one cares about how well maintained the brakes are, where is the cut of point of a good truck and a rotten one?

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......, where is the cut of point of a good truck and a rotten one?


The cut off point is soon realised when the Man from the Ministry 'pulls' you for a road side spot inspection. Deep Deep Do Do if it ain't up to scratch.


Its the committment you make and the concession they offer for NOT demanding an MOT/PLATING TEST. Abuse it and get caught with a dodgy vehicle and it's 'Throw the book at you time'.


In March I was asked to present my 352 at the Ministry testing station, all routine stuff, I kept the appointment time and two very nice young men spent nearly a whole hour talking WW2. When I dared to ask if we could get on with the inspection, as I was running late for a meeting, one quickly kicked two tyres, said it was a real treat to see something unusual, offered his condolences about the fuel economy, and said all was in order and I could go. His only interest seemed to be matching engine and chassis number to the log book.


Very nice man.

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I claim exemption annually under Regulation 30 on form V112G/R that it was first used before 1/1/60 being used unladen weighing over 3 tonnes (or is it 3.5?). They will not put it on the V5 as the use may change.

Use V112G/R not V112G.


Or you could go for Reg 36 & be a registered playbus or Reg 21 as a vehicle used solely for funerals.

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