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Type Main Battle Tank Place of origin 20px-Flag_of_Switzerland.svg.pngSwitzerland Service history In service 1971 - 2003 Used by Switzerland Production history Designed 1960s Manufacturer Eidgenössische Konstruktionswerkstätte Thun Produced 1971 - 1983 Number built 390 (all versions); 195 68/88 Variants Panzer 68; Panzer 68/75; Panzer 68/88 Specifications Weight 40.8 tonnes Length 9.49 m (374 in) Width 3.14 m (124 in) Height 2.72 m (107 in) Crew 4 Armour up to 120 mm RHA Primary

armament 1 x 105 mm Tank Gun Royal Ordnance L7 with 52 rounds Secondary

armament 2 x Machine Gun Pz Mg 51/71 7.5 mm Swiss with 4000 rounds Engine MTU 8 cylinders V engine

485,4 kW Power/weight 12.3 kW/T Suspension torsion bar Ground clearance 400 mm Operational

range 200 km (120 mi)



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