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Tim they're either filming more 'Doctor Who' and Jacks got a bit part or he's off to catch the atmosphere of the 101 Airborne Division, who stayed there prior to D-Day.


No event on that I know of.




Cheers Karoshi, you know as well as I do that I am Clint Eastwoods stunt double :shock:

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Well, another weird day for us today...........sat outside the Blue Boar pub on the green at Aldbourne and then two jeeps drive by :shock: and out jumps.................. :?: :wink:


Just downloading the pictures and will post them up tomorrow!


Strange place, that Aldbourne.

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OK here are some pictures of Aldbourne and Ramsbury. I would imagine that most of us know about Aldbourne but those of you who don't, it was were the 101st Airborne (Band of Brothers fame) were billited. Really is amazing place.


Were sat outside the Blue Boar Pub (the pub were the troopers used to drink) having a nice pint and then two jeeps ride by, all kitted out and looking lovely. Grab them and got talking and as if by magic it was Tim and his brother in law and family :shock: 8) 8) Tim being a member of HMVF.......see pics below.


The family and I also visted Littlecote House which was the headquarters of 506 PIR. The Americans must of been amazed by this historical house.............


Littlecote House main entrance, how many jeeps would of been parked out side of here



1st regiment of the Beckettshires standing in the main doorway






There is a good picture in many books of officers of the 101st sitting where we are standing



A small and the only bit about the 101st that I could find




Aldbourne green



HMVF card pinned outside Dick Winters billet



Not sure if this is the only piece of the Ramsbury airfield left but it looks wide enough to be the main runway, this where the 101st and I believe the 82nd left from for Market Garden



Tim, Neil and their families and mine............nice Jeeps!








Inside the Blue Boar



Ramsburys bench




More from the 1st regiment of the Beckettshires on tour next week :shock:


My thanks go to the official tour photographer........Anne Beckett :wink:

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Hey Jack


Enjoyed your pictures of Aldbourne you posted recently.


For a real good read all about the US Forces stationed in Aldbourne, Ramsbury and the Kennet Valley I can highly recommend a 32 page booklet (colour and black & white) called Gathering of Eagles.


It has many previously unpublished photographs of the Airborne Paratroopers in the locality and tells the story of the troops arrival (September 1943) until their departure in (September 1944) It was also fully endorsed by Donald R Burgett - A Co. 506th PIR - 101st AB


From memory its written by a chap who's a long standing military vehicle owner and costs about £6.99 including postage and packing. :-o


A good stocking filler perhaps ;-)


I think his details can be found at http://www.redballexpress.co.uk


Happy hunting :-o



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Hi mate


Posted those up over a year ago :schocked: time does fly by :cry:


Sounds like a good read - do you happen to know who wrote it :schocked: and did you listen to Don Burgett on the radio today talking about Bastogne?

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