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Fantastic work!

Did 1st gear get left at the bottom of the river? :-D

It shows how 'relatively' easily WW2 armour can be restored to operational condition when you have a time warp example...... even if it did look too far gone at first sight. Thanks to the low oxygen levels in silt or swamp areas!

A friend of mine at work sent me a link (now lost) to a russian site concerning a group who were pulling tanks from swamps. There was a hell of a lot more going on than we see in the West. The best one was a StuG III pulled out with the paint on and IIRC some rare winter tracks.


Found it on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0zfy548jZQ


The Polish StuG IV superstructure when unearthed:

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It wasn't that site but...... what a site..... it suddenly becomes clear how the 'big' collectors get the rare items! If you search through the text links on that site there are dozens more tank recoveries, including a partial Tiger 1, the rear of a Kingtiger, a Panther in Poland, all sorts.

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Poland has a treasure of Panzer parts that are still there. I was there for 5 weeks and my collection is now arriving in the mail, wife is going nuts with all these Panzer parts showing up like Panther track, road wheels, shell casings...



On the bright side the Stug 4 will have its first showing to the public on the 19th of Sept.at the Poznan Museum.



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